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The Complete Book of Greek Cooking: The Recipe Club of Saint Paul's Greek Orthodox Cathedral


Signed copy by Kathy Boulukos.

It all started with a dedicated group of Greek women in 1958, wanting to do something for their church, and simultaneously using their gifts and talents as cooks, to make a difference.

Over fifty years later, the result is one of the most popular Greek cookbooks in the nation, tens of thousands of copies sold and a lot if financial support for their beloved Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. Paul on Long Island, in New York.

More than fifty years ago, a group of dedicated women decided to write a Greek cookbook in English, something not available at the time. Due to their determination, their efforts proved to be a success, producing four books. All the earnings from every book have been donated to St. Paul.

The aim of this book is to present a wide array of Greek foods. Since most of us move at a hectic pace, many recipes are included that can successfully be prepared ahead, frozen, and reheated. Whenever possible, quicker cooking preparations replace some of the more time consuming techniques. Many of the recipes have been streamlined and simplified, and, in the dessert section in particular, calories have been trimmed.

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91XljvuqBHL (1).jpg